Initiating Diagnostic Tests or Investigations

Medical Directive ID: 
Lead Contact Person: 
Holly Ings, RN, Registered Nurse
Physician/Nurse Lead: 
Dr. Laura Lyons, St. Joseph's Family Medicine Centre Director
Family Medicine - St. Joseph's Family Medical Centre
Approval By: 
Medical Advisory Committee
Original Effective Date: 
Monday, April 16, 2018
Revised Date: 
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
To Be Reviewed Date: 
Sunday, February 14, 2021
This Medical Directive Applies to the following sites: 
This Medical Directive Applies to the following patient population: 

Initiating diagnostic tests and investigations.

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St. Joseph's Family Medical Centre


SurnameKnown ByDate Signed
ChanNelsonApr 18 2018 07:22:34:020AM
El SadekImad HassanFeb 22 2020 12:23:48:863PM
JanSaadiaApr 18 2018 06:46:34:507PM
LyonsLauraApr 16 2018 04:10:32:793PM
McNairSusanMar 1 2019 03:20:00:220PM
MintsoulisDanielleMar 2 2020 09:01:23:440PM
PetrellaRobDec 30 2020 06:33:33:533PM
RubaiyyatTaniaApr 30 2018 09:01:27:003AM
Stiller-MoldovanCassandraJan 22 2020 06:47:30:833PM
WongEricApr 18 2018 04:24:49:017PM