Medical Directives for the Allergy & Clinical Immunology Clinic

Medical Directive ID: 
Lead Contact Person: 
Debbie Marshall, Coordinator, Ambulatory Medicine Programs
Physician/Nurse Lead: 
Dr. Harold Kim, Dr. Harold Kim, Chief, Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology
Medicine / Allergy & Clinical Immunology
Approval By: 
Medical Advisory Committee
Original Effective Date: 
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Revised Date: 
Friday, March 15, 2019
To Be Reviewed Date: 
Tuesday, March 15, 2022
This Medical Directive Applies to the following sites: 
St. Joseph’s
This Medical Directive Applies to the following patient population: 

**This directive is a renewal and replaces directive #MED-2014-005**

The Allergy & Clinical Immunology Clinic Registered Nurse (RN) may initiate an order for:

•Environmental hypersensitivity skin prick testing

•Food hypersensitivity skin prick testing


Click the link to view the entire medical directive in detail: 


SurnameKnown ByDate Signed
JeimySamiraMay 15 2019 10:27:51:403AM
KuprowskiMarkApr 24 2019 02:08:39:720PM
LicskaiChristopherHave Not Signed
MackenzieConstanceMay 21 2019 05:58:17:853PM
MooteBillApr 24 2019 03:18:18:297PM
YamashitaCoryApr 25 2019 08:58:19:757AM