Performing Venipuncture within Occupational Health and Safety Services

Medical Directive ID: 
Lead Contact Person: 
Rhodora Laylo, Coordinator Infection Safety
Physician/Nurse Lead: 
Dr. Elaine Thurgood
Occupational Health and Safety Services
Approval By: 
Medical Advisory Committee
Original Effective Date: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Revised Date: 
Friday, July 10, 2020
To Be Reviewed Date: 
Monday, July 10, 2023
This Medical Directive Applies to the following sites: 
All SJH sites
This Medical Directive Applies to the following patient population: 

** This directive is a renewal and replaces directive #GEN-2016-001. This Order will provide the Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) authority to perform the controlled act: Venipuncture on Health Care Workers (HCW) within St. Joseph's Health Care (SJHC) in the event the following blood titres/levels are required:




•Varicella zoster

•Hepatitis B sAB

•Hepatitis B sAg

•Hepatitis C sAB

•HIV antibody

•Liver Function Tests (ALT, AST, ALP, Bilirubin)


Reference: Ontario Hospital Association Surveillance Protocols OHA Disease Protocols Venipuncture Resource Sheet.


Click the link to view the entire medical directive in detail: 


SurnameKnown ByDate Signed
ThurgoodElaineAug 13 2020 09:42:14:073AM